Diocese of Worcester

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Diocese of Worcester

The Diocese of Worcester forms part of the Anglican Province of Canterbury.

The diocese was founded in around 679 by St Theodore of Canterbury at Worcester to minister to the kingdom of the Hwicce, one of the many Anglo Saxon petty-kingdoms of that time. The original borders of the diocese are believed to be based on those of that ancient kingdom.(+)

The present Diocese covers an area of 671 square miles and has parishes in:

   the County of Worcestershire
   the Metropolitan Borough of Dudley
   northern Gloucestershire
   urban villages along the edge of the south-east of the Metropolitan Borough of Wolverhampton
   the Metropolitan Borough of Sandwell 

In 2005 the diocese had 190 parishes with 281 churches and 163 stipendiary clergy.

The diocese is divided into two Archdeaconries:

   the Archdeaconry of Worcester
   the Archdeaconry of Dudley 

From its foundation the diocese included a southern and a western area of Warwickshire known as Felden. In 1837 the north and east of Warwickshire (Arden) which formed the archdeaconry of Coventry in the Diocese of Lichfield and Coventry was transferred to the diocese of Worcester. In 1905 an area in northern Warwickshire was split off as the Diocese of Birmingham, and in 1918 an area approximating to the rest of Warwickshire was created the Diocese of Coventry. [edit] References

(+) Della Hooke, The Kingdom of the Hwicce (1985), pp.12-13

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