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2010 General Election
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The 2010 General Election was held on 6 May 2010


The Wyre Forest constituency as it was drawn for the 1997 election was almost coterminous with Wyre Forest, with around 2,000 electors from the district in the neighbouring Leominster constituency. Following its review of parliamentary constituencies in advance of the 2010 election, the Boundary Commission has recommended the portions of the district currently in Leominster move in to this seat, making the constituency and district wholly coterminous.

These changes have been brought about in part by the consideration of Worcestershire and Herefordshire separately for the drawing of parliamentary constituency boundaries.


Wyre Forest
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Conservative Mark Robert Timothy Garnier     elected 18,793 36.9 +7.8
Health Concern Richard Thomas Taylor 16,150 31.7 -6.9
Labour Nigel Knowles 7,298 14.3 -8.2
Liberal Democrats Neville Mackenzie Farmer 6,040 11.9 +10.6
UK Independence Michael James William Wrench 1,498 2.9 +0.6
BNP Gordon Clifford Howells 1,120 2.2 +2.2
Majority (spoilt papers: )
Turnout (electorate: 76,711) 50,899 66.35%
Conservative gain from Health Concern Swing 7.35%

For the national overview see United Kingdom 2010 general election

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