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Arley railway station is a station on the Severn Valley Railway heritage, situated just over the River Severn from the village of Upper Arley; a footbridge crosses the river to link the station to the village.



The station was built along with the line in 1862. and the platform built to accommodate six coach trains. The local transport needs were met quite adequately, as the local roads and paths were, to say the least, primitive. Passenger trade was busiest with summer holiday visitors, and Arley was home to a small goods yard.

The Beeching Axe fell on Arley with force when Severn Valley passenger services ceased in September 1963. The passsing loop was taken out, sidings cut up and platforms removed, with only Alveley coal traffic surviving. In 1969 the line through Arley finally became disused.

Signal Box

The first Arley Signal Box was built in 1883, but was demolished before the Severn Valley Railway had bought the station. A replacement of non-GWR design one was reclaimed and brought in from Yorton, near Whitchurch, Shropshire, and connected to signalling equipment.

On 15 July 1973 the 30-lever frame Kidderminster Station Signal Box was closed and was moved to Arley. (+)


When the line was reopened by preservationists working up from Bridgnorth in 1974, work got underway to restore Arley to its former glory. The main railway building was in relatively good condition and was totally renovated. The platforms were rebuilt and track re-laid.


  • Arley station has been used as a filming location for a number of films and TV programmes, such as the BBC sitcom Oh, Doctor Beeching!.


  • (+) Mitchell, Vic and Smith, Keith Worcester to Birmingham via Kidderminster Middleton Press p92 plate 38 ISBN 9781904474975

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