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Population 55,182 (2001)
Mayor Paul Harrison (Liberal)

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Image:Kidderminster Lock.jpg
Canal lock, with St Mary and All Saints Church in the distance

Kidderminster is the major town in the Wyre Forest. It is located approximately twenty miles south-west of Birmingham city centre. The 2001 census recorded a population of 55,182 in the town. The town is affectionally known by locals as Kiddy.


[edit] History

The land around Kidderminster may have been first populated by the Husmerae, and Anglo-Saxon tribe first mentioned in the Ismere Diploma, a document in which Ethelbald of Mercia granted a "parcel of land of ten hides" to Cynebehrt.<ref>John Blair, The Church in Anglo-Saxon Society (New York, Oxford University Press, 2005)</ref> This became the settlement of Stour-in-Usmere, which was later the subject of a territorial dispute settled by Offa of Mercia in 781, where he restored certain rights to Bishop Heathored.<ref name=""></ref> This allowed for the creation of a monastery or minstre in the area, and the earliest written form of the name Kidderminster (Chedeminstre) was not seen until it appeared in the Domesday Book of 1086. It was a large manor held by William I with 16 outlying settlements (Bristitune, Fastochesfeld, Franche, Habberley, Hurcott, Mitton, Oldington, Ribbesford, Sudwale, Sutton, Teulesberge, Trimpley, Wannerton and Wribbenhall). Various spellings were in use – Kedeleministre or Kideministre (in the 12th and 13th centuries), Kidereministre (13th–15th centuries) – until the name of the town was settled as Kidderminster by the 16th century.<ref name=""/> Between 1156 and 1162 Henry II granted the manor to his steward, Manasser Biset, and as the settlement grew a fair (1228) and later a market (1240) were established there.<ref name=""/> In a visit to the town sometime around 1540, King's Antiquary John Leland noted that Kidderminster "standeth most by clothing".<ref name=""/> King Charles I granted the Borough of Kidderminster a Charter in 1636.<ref name=""/>

[edit] Commercial Activity

The town centre area has undergone substantial redevelopment in recent years, with the commercial retail area of Weaver's Wharf attracting many visitors and shoppers. Slingfield Mill, a Grade II listed building, has been converted into a retail outlet and incorporated into 'Weaver's Wharf'.

[edit] Twin Town

Kidderminster is twinned with Husum in Schleswig, Germany.

[edit] Education

[edit] Food and drink

[edit] Famous residents

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