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Welcome to Wyfopedia,
the Wyre Forest encyclopedia.
2,189 articles already available

Welcome to Wyfopedia, the people's on-line encyclopaedia for the Wyre Forest district. This is essentially a wiki type of website, which means we allow visitors to add, remove, change encyclopaedia articles in order to build a substantial knowledge base of the Wyre Forest district. All we ask is that the articles are neutral, informative and have some connection with the area currently bordered by the Wyre Forest district.

Apologies to everyone. Wyfopedia suffered an attack from persistant spammers who brought the system down from 7th to 22nd March 2008. Not all of Wyfopedia is fully functional yet.


The first 1,500 Articles

The first 1,000 articles were added in the first 5 months. The 1,000th being Hoo Road, Kidderminster, created on 8 March 2007 at 13:17. The next 500 took another 3 months and was that of Grave Peril added 4 June 2007 at 18:12. Grave Peril is a film made by Kidderminster College filmmaker Rupert Millward

1750th Article

The 1,750th article on Wyfopedia was created on 8 January 2008 at 14:52, and was that of Paul Hickey. Paul is part owner and Manager of a nightclub and a radio presenter on The Wyre radio station.

2000th Article

The 2000th article on Wyfopedia was created on 30 June 2008 at 19:27 and was that of John Lyttelton (1520 - 1590). Sir John Lyttelton was the Custos Rotulorum of Worcestershire from 1577 to 1590

Significant articles

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