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Wyre Forest is the current local constituency of the House of Commons of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. The constituency was created in 1983.

[edit] Boundaries

The boundaries of the Wyre Forest constituency almost exactly follow those of the identically-named Wyre Forest district, and the Boundary Commission has recommended that for subsequent elections the few remaining differences be removed. Other parts of the district are currently part of the Leominster constituency.

Boundary changes: At the next General Election the Wyre Forest Parliament Constituency becomes entirely coterminous with Wyre Forest District Council. This involves gaining the rural Rock ward and a small part of Bewdley and Arley ward from Leominster.

[edit] History

The Wyre Forest constituency was first fought under its present name in the 1983 general election, having succeeded the old Kidderminster seat, and was won for the Conservatives by Esmond Bulmer. Wyre Forest was held with relative ease by the Conservatives' Anthony Coombs in the 1987 and 1992 general elections; however the 1997 Labour landslide saw that party gain the seat with David Lock securing a majority of almost 7,000. Anger over the downgrading of Kidderminster Hospital reflected on Lock at the 2001 election, and Health Concern's Richard Taylor stormed to a decisive victory, holding the seat with a considerably reduced majority in 2005.

Turnout in the Wyre Forest at general elections has generally been around 2-3% above the national average, but in 2001 the constituency recorded a 68.0% turnout as against 59.4% nationally; this spike (not repeated in 2005) is widely attributed to the intense local feelings on the hospital issue.

Wyre Forest is also one of the few areas in England where the continuing Liberal party retain significant strength. Prior to the 2001 election the Liberals provided the council leader as part of a “rainbow coalition”.

[edit] Members of Parliament

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